Special assistance

We are pleased to help any passengers with reduced mobility in getting to and from the aircraft.

Reduced mobility

Wheelchair assistance
We offer wheelchair assistance in all airports free of charge. To ensure that the necessary help is available, please contact your tour operator minimum 48 hours before departure! With ticket sales later than 48 hours before departure, we will do our utmost to help as best as possible, but cannot guarantee that full assistance will be available. A foldable wheelchair can travel with you free of charge, however it must be checked-in together with hold baggage during check-in.

Walker assistance
Passengers may bring a walker all the way to the gate, after which it will be loaded in the aircraft hold. The walker will be delivered again in the arrivals hall together with hold baggage. If you cannot manage without the walker until reaching the baggage belt, then consider booking wheelchair assistance at your destination.   

Protecting mobility aids
We recommend that you rent a protective case to safeguard your mobility aids, as these items are easily damaged during the loading/unloading process. Great Dane Airlines cannot accept responsibility for damaged equipment that was not packaged in a protective case eg. Airshells or similar. Documentation for correct packaging must be shown together with any claims.


Supplemental oxygen during the flight

As oxygen pressure in the lungs is reduced at altitude, certain passengers may need supplemental oxygen during the flight.

This applies in particular to travellers with heart and lung illnesses or breathing difficulties. All Great Dane Airlines aircraft have extra oxygen bottles on board, however these are only for emergency use, when crew or passengers need extra oxygen.Great Dane Airlines recommends that you bring your own supplemental oxygen supply, if you will need extra oxygen during the flight! Please note that your unit must have a capacity to cover the entire duration of the flight plus 50%.

You are required to have an approved MEDIF (Medical Information Form) in order to bring oxygen on board. Contact your doctor or hospital for the issue of MEDIF.


Guide dogs

It is permitted to bring a guide dog onboard in the cabin. It is important that Great Dane Airlines are informed about the guide dog in advance of your flight. If correct notice is not given, Great Dane Airlines reserve the right to refuse carriage of the guide dog. You must have documentation stating that you need the assistance of a guide dog. In addition, the following rules apply:

a) Only 1 guide dog is permitted on board each flight
b) The guide dog and owner must always be seated at the front of the cabin
c) The guide dog must not weigh more than 33kg
d) The booking must be made no more than 48 hours before departure
e) The dog should be identifiable as a service dog, for example with a vest

It is the owner’s responsibility to bring an approved harness that ensures the dog’s safety throughout the flight and in particular during taxi, take-off, landing and any turbulence.


Pregnant expecting one baby:
If you’re pregnant and expecting one baby, you may travel unrestricted until the 32nd. week. From the 32nd. until the 36th. week, you may travel with a doctor’s certificate issued within the past 10 days. Unfortunately you may no longer travel from the 36th. week onwards.

Pregnant expecting more than one baby:
If you’re pregnant with twins, you may travel unrestricted until the 28th. week. From the 28th. to the 32nd. week, you may travel with a doctor’s certificate issued within the past 10 days. Unfortunately you may no longer travel from the 32nd. week onwards.