Malaga, Spain

We are proud to present a brand new route to the spanish holiday destination Malaga, directly from Aalborg Airport.


Malaga is without a doubt one of the most popular destinations when choosing your next holiday in Spain. The city offers warm and friendly temperatures, big and sandy beaches along the 161 km. coastal line of Costa del Sol and many authentic experiences for you to explore. Malaga is an ideal holiday destination for the whole family with its combination of sandy beaches, shopping opportunities, cultural experiences and sporting activities. 

Malaga has an average of three hundred sunny days a year and is a perfect destination for Golf enthusiasts all year round as the area has more than forty Golf clubs as well.  

The artist Picasso – The son of Malaga
The citizens of Malaga is especially proud about the fact that the city is the birthplace of the world famous painter and artist Pablo Picasso. If you are in to artistic experiences then you have chosen the perfect destination for your next holiday. Visit Museo Picasso Málaga – the big Picasso museum in Palacio de Buenavista which houses more than two hundred pieces donated by his family. Here you will find everything from his entire collection of paintings, drawings, ceramic and sculptures. You can also visit his birthplace and childhood home on Placa de la Merced in the city centre. Here you will find objects and tools used by Picasso from the fourteen year long period he lived there. 

A combination of a beaching holiday and experiences
Malaga is located in the spanish region of Andalucia which is primarily known for bull fighting, Flamenco dancing, architecture, tapas and spanish tones. Malaga is therefore naturally characterized by its location in the region. Malaga is a paradise for bathing guests due to its long and soft sandy beaches and idyllic surroundings which gives the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and joyful holiday. Malaga is amongst the many others spanish holiday destinations which lets you combine a beaching holiday with tons of other experiences to explore. 

After a long day with relaxation and charging batteries by the beach or at the hotel pool, we recommend you to explore the city centre which is dominated by the combination of arabic- roman- and spanish architecture. Malaga also offers traditionel Andalucian gastronomy in the shape of Tapas, Paella and many other famous Spanish dishes. Explore the gastronomic experiences the city has to offer whilst you find yourself surrounded in southern and idyllic surroundings. 

Great Dane Airlines welcomes you to Malaga. 

Aalborg Airport, Denmark
Málaga Airport, Spain
Aalborg Airport, Denmark
Málaga Airport, Spain