Guidelines Covid-19

Before departure

   Stay home if you feel sick

   Check in online on our website

   All aircrafts will be cleaned and disinfected according to EASA (EU standards)

   You must fill out a FCS form prior to departure for travel into Spain. The health (FCS) form can be filled out here.


   Our aircrafts are equipped with air filters that keeps the air clean inside the aircraft

   All unnecessary items in the pocket behind each chair are removed

  During boarding we ask all passengers to wear face masks (children under 6 years of age are excluded)

• All passengers are required to wear face mask until seated on board. The mask can be removed when seated, but must be put back on when standing and disembarking (until local laws permit removal).

   Passengers are to disinfect hands before boarding

  Seat reservations can not be guaranteed due to safety measures (Row 1, 2 and exit seats will not be moved)

HEPA-Air filters

All our Aircrafts are equipped with HEPA-filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air-filters) which catches up to 99,97% of all microfibers as well as vira and bacteries. This secures a high air quality as the air onboard are renewed every 2-3 minutes and are pressured immediately from the ceiling down to the floor. This will limit the dispersion of airborne drops substantially.



Is it mandatory to wear face masks?

  • To ensure a safe and secure flight it is mandatory for all passengers to wear face masks that covers both the nose and mouth until seated
  • Our cabin crew will wear protective face masks onboard which covers the nose and mouth. They are allowed to remove the mask when seated in the galley area of the aircraft
  • We will make ongoing estimates on the recommendations of wearing face masks onboard. At this time we will keep it mandatory to wear face masks on board unless seated until further notice

Will there be onboard service of food and beverages?

  • Coffee and tea will be served on all domestic flights
  • It will be possible to buy beverages and snacks onboard all international flights – duty free products will not be offered
  • It is allowed to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks onboard our flights

What is the process when embarking and disembarking the aircraft?

  • Passengers sitting in the rear end of the cabin will board the aircraft first
  • Passengers sitting in the front of the cabin will leave the aircraft first
  • Boarding-groups will be enforced strictly and we ask for your cooperation to not approaching the gate before your boarding-group is announced