Here you’ll find all the information regarding baggage. Maximum weight/dimensions, special rules for baby strollers and what to do if your baggage doesn’t arrive at your destination.

Cabin baggage

Maximum dimensions 55x35x25cm weight 8kg plus 1 laptop bag.
If the quantity of cabin luggage exceeds the capacity on board, we reserve the right to place items in the aircraft hold. Excess cabin baggage or pieces that are too large or heavy can be taken from passengers at check-in, weighed and tagged for travel in the aircraft hold.


Please note the following regarding liquids and gels before packing your cabin baggage:
Containers, bottles, tubes and aerosols may contain max 100ml each of liquids, gels or pastes.

For security reasons, it is only permitted to bring a total 1 liter liquids or similar in your cabin baggage. These must be placed in a see-through 1-liter plastic bag, which can be opened and resealed after inspection. Liquids and gels includes perfume, make-up, toothpaste, shaving foam/gel etc.

It is permitted to bring medicine in containers larger than 100ml, if the medicine is essential during the flight. We recommend that you bring along a medical certificate documenting the requirement. Food and liquids for babies travelling with you is also permitted.

Always have essential medicine with you in your cabin baggage, in case your checked baggage is delayed!

NB. food and liquids for babies and medicine must also be packed in 1-liter see-through, resealable plastic bags! These items will often be scrutinised at security control.


Checked baggage

The checked baggage allowance can vary, depending on your tour operator. Contact therefore your tour operator, for information regarding the maximum weight of checked baggage.

We recommend that you do not pack the following items in your checked luggage, as we have a limited responsibilty for loss of or damage to checked baggage:

Fragile items:
Valuables such as: money/cash, jewelry/gems, computer equipment, game consoles, cameras, video cameras or other electronics

Fragile items, such as glassware, bottles etc

Perishable foodstuffs



Work documents and papers

ID cards, papers and documents

Medicine and medical certificates

Packing baggage
Baggage should be packed so that it can withstand normal baggage processing ie. must be able to withstand contact with other baggage on a moving baggage belt and be loaded and unloaded in and out of the aircraft hold.

Passengers are entirely responsible for packing their checked baggage properly, so that the contents are not damaged.



If you are travelling with an infant, you can always bring a stroller OR a pushchair and check it in as hold baggage for free. NB. you can only check-in 1 of these items for free – if you want to check-in both a stroller AND a pushchair, then 1 of these 2 items replaces your checked baggage allowance. Contact your tour operator in order to book extra checked baggage allowances.

It is possible to use a foldable pushchair all the way to the gate or aircraft stairs, where it will then be loaded by the boarding staff.

If your stroller/pushchair can be folded or dismantled, then this should always be done. Any separate parts must be stored in plastic bags or some other approved protective case. If your stroller/pushchair cannot be folded/dismantled, then it can still be transported. Great Dane Airlines cannot be responsible for any damage to these items, unless they travel in protective packaging. See for more information. A receipt for the purchase/rental of a protective case is required as documentation in case of any claims for damage.

Child car seats

Child car seats for infants (0-1 years – not applicable to infants already aged 2 years on the outbound journey)

Infants shall sit on the lap of the accompanying adult. As up to 2 infants can travel with an adult, it can be necessary to place a 2nd infant on the adjacent seat, so it is permitted to bring an approved child car seat in the cabin. Please note that this only applies to infants under 2 years of age! The following rules apply for bringing a child car seat onboard all Great Danes Airlines flights:

a) The child car seat shall be intended for air transport
b) The child car seat must have a 5-point harness system approved for road vehicles or aircraft
c) The child car seat shall be raised in an upright position whenever the seatbelt sign is on
d) Infants and child car seats must never be placed in an emergency exit row. The child car seat must always be placed on a window seat.

Great Dane Airlines will not be held responsible for any damage occurred to your child safety seat if it has not been applied with correct protection. Visit for further information on how to book protection to your child safety seat. We highly recommend to always keep your receipt in case of any possible damage occurred to your child safety seat, when in custody of Great Dane Airlines. We will only meet any claims for compensation if you are able to provide us with the receipt from your purchase of correct protection.

Please be aware that this only applies if your child safety seat must be kept in the cargo area of the aircraft.


Great Dane Airlines recommend that you always protect your cycle when bringing it along on a flight. The best tip is to use a so-called bike shell cover. A bicycle counts as 1 piece of checked luggage. Remember to deflate tyres and remove handlebars and pedals! Electric bicycles/e-bikes are considered as dangerous goods and are not accepted on flights.


Firearms must be checked in as hold baggage and may never be carried in the cabin. It is the passengers responsibility to inform Great Dane Airlines in advance about the firearms. When travelling with weapons and ammunition, you need to advise us about the following:

1.Checking in at the airport you need to document the following;
2. That you have a valid gun licence;
3. That the weapon is not loaded;
4. The weapon must be dismantled, as far as possible;
5. You can take max 5kg ammunition and it must always be packed separately from the weapon and in the manufacturer’s original shock-proof packaging;
6. Documentation from Great Dane Airlines that you are bringing the weapon (contact for the issue of documentation)

Great Dane Airlines reserves the right to refuse carriage of any weapon, if the correct documentation cannot be shown or if the specific weapon type cannot legally be transported into the destination airport.

Other special baggage

tHere you will find information about the carriage of diverse types of special baggage. Please note that there is a charge for all special baggage and you do retain your ordinary checked baggage allowance when flying with Great Dane Airlines. If you have booked with a travel agency (does not include search engines like momondo etc) then different rules can apply. Contact therefore your travel agency for booking special baggage allowance.

Great Dane Airlines cannot accept responsibility for damage to special luggage which has not been properly packed in a protective case. It is passenger’s own responsibility to ensure that special baggage items are sufficiently protected.

Diving equipment
Diving equipment may contain one scuba tank (empty), one regulator and octopus, one vest, one diver’s goggles, flippers and a snorkel. It is also permitted to bring one diving lamp (the battieries should be removed and stored separately) Diving equipment must not weigh more than 20kg. Diving equipment counts as checked baggage.

Fishing equipment
Fishing rods can travel as checked baggage but must be packed in a sturdy protective case. Great Dane Airlines cannot be held responsible for damage caused to fishing rods not properly protected. A receipt for the purchase/rental of a protective case must accompany any claims.

A golfbag may weigh max 15kg and counts as checked baggage. Only soft case golf bags are accepted at check-in.

Musical instruments
A musical instrument may be carried in the cabin, if the instrument’s size does not exceed the dimensions for cabin luggage (55x35x25cm) The instrument counts as the standard cabin baggage allowance.

If you wish to bring an instrument larger than the standard dimensions for cabin baggage, then you have to purchase extra baggage allowance.
If you bring an instrument along as checked baggage, it must be packed in a hard-shell protective case

Paintings and other artwork
Paintings with measurements not exceeding the dimensions for standard cabin baggage may be carried in the cabin. Larger paintings must be properly packaged in a protective case, as they will be loaded in the aircraft hold and transported into arrivals via the baggage belt.

Skis or snowboards may weigh up to max 20kg and count as checked baggage allowance.

Surfboards or kiteboards may weigh up to max 20kg and count as checked baggage allowance.

Wheelchairs must always be checked-in as ordinary baggage. A wheelchair counts as one piece of the checked baggage allowance and can be booked by contacting your travel agency or If you need a wheelchair to get all the way to the aircraft door, then contact our customer service via Always remember to inform your travel agency first!

Denied baggage

It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure, that baggage does not contain items that can cause injury or damage to passengers, the aircraft or its contents, such as objects described as Dangerous Goods by the International Air Transport Association – IATA.

Passengers are responsible for ensuring that cabin baggge is correctly packed and does not contain forbidden items.

Lithium batteries
We follow IATA’s guidelines for the transportation of lithium batteries. Please note that for safety reasons it is not permitted to take Personal Movement Devices (PMD) with lithium batteries (eg. Hoverboards, Segways, solowheels) on board. These must be sent as freight.

It is not permitted to use electronic cigarettes on board our aircraft. Such items must remain I hand luggage throughout the flight. This also applies to electronic cigars, pipes and all other “vaping” items.

Damaged or delayed baggage

If your baggage is delayed or damaged, please follow these instructions!

Damage and loss:

If your luggage becomes damaged, is delayed or lost, you need to fill in a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) at your destination airport.

Great Dane Airlines recommends that you always contact your travel insurance provider first with regard to compensation for lost items and belongings. 

Great Dane Airlines is objectively responsible for checked baggage which is lost or damaged whilst on board our aircraft or in our custody.

However we are not liable, if the damage is due to defects and shortcomings in the checked baggage or the nature of such.

To make a claim, you need to send the following to our Customer Service at

1. A PIR report
2. Photographs clearly showing the damage
3. Concise yet detailed description of the damage
4. Documentation for the baggage make and model, the price and age (typically included in the PIR report)
5. If you have a receipt, then do send this together with your claim. If you are unable to provide a receipt, Great Dane Airlines reserves the right to reject the claim or make a depreciation. Without any regard for the age or value of the baggage.

Great Dane Airlines does not accept any liability for the following types of damage, or anything similar:

1. Damage to soft cases
2. Zippers or other types of closing/locking mechanisms
3. Damage to moving parts, legs or handles (including recessed, telescopic handles)
4. Dents of any kind or scratches/tears related to normal wear and tear during baggage handling
5. Special baggage (also applies to strollers/pushchairs) which have not been placed in a protective case. You must be able to provide a receipt for the purchase/rental of a protective case. See for more information.

Great Dane Airlines reserves the right to replace a baggage item with a similar one, if this is economically advantageous for the airline.

If your baggage is lost, you can seek compensation after 21 days. Great Dane Airlines will begin a baggage search as soon as the baggage is reported missing at your destination airport by making a PIR report. If the baggage is not found within 21 days, then it is considered lost and you can claim compensation.

If your baggage is lost on your outbound journey, you are entitled to purchase necessities such as underwear, socks, shirts and toiletries, whilst we try to trace your baggage. Great Dane Airlines will not cover the purchase of expensive brand-name goods and reserves the right to evaluate the necessity of all purchases made and to reject any unnecessary items.