We are specialists i ACMI operations (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) which require extra special attention to details.

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Great Dane Airlines offers 24 hr ACMI service. In addition, we offer long-term ACMI solutions.

Our fleet consists of Embraer-195 aircraft with space for up to 118 passengers. The cabin is quiet and equipped with just 2 seats on each side of the aisle, giving better legroom and enhanced comfort. We can offer contracts for short-term or long-term ACMI operations.

The aircraft are operated by a crew consisting of 2 pilots – 1 captain and 1 first officer – and 3 cabin crew, consisting of 1 purser and 2 flight attendants.

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Morten Servais

Head of Scheduled Service
+45 25 55 30 18 / OCC 24H +45 25 55 30 10