our story

Great Dane Airlines was founded in 2018 by Thomas Hugo Møller and on February 14th 2019 the airline of Northern Jutland was launched and unveiled to the public.
Since June 14th when our inaugural flight departed for Rhodos we’ve flown many happy travellers to their holiday destinations. We are a Northern Jutland company, with our roots planted firmly in the Northern Jutland soil. When you travel with us you’re not just a seat number – we focus on our guest’s needs and our cabin crew deliver a fantastic service on board.

Our aircraft are operated by multi-lingual crew who all speak fluent English. In the cockpit are the captain and first officer, whilst in the cabin, a purser and 2 flight attendants ensure your comfort and safety.


At Great Dane Airlines we share the common goals of sustainability and environmental responsibility. This concept is integrated into the entire company culture, where every department plays an important role. We work constantly to improve and optimise our products and solutions – eg. Drinks bottles on board are made of recycled plastic. We consider carefully all our consumables on board and are always looking for opportunities to improve.


Our modern aircraft fleet have economical engines and vertical wingtips – so-called winglets – which reduce drag during flight, optimising fuel economy and reducing the environmental impact of every flight.


In addition we have long-term goals, where we seek to replace jet fuel with other more environmentally-friendly alternatives, in cooperation with Dansk Fuels and Aalborg University.

Focus on sustainability